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Guitar. Background vocals.


Memphis based guitarist John Roth, known for his work with the bands Winger, Giant, and Black Oak Arkansas, has been touring and recording with national acts since the age of 19. There's magic in John's fingers and music in his soul… Jim Dandy heard it and had him touring with Southern Rock legends Black Oak Arkansas right out of high school! After this kick-start, John's reputation as a stellar performer and studio musician quickly grew along with the number of his admirers, and has since led him to tour and record with 5 gold and platinum selling artists in over 20 countries around the world.

John enjoys writing and recording as much as performing live, and has co-written songs with Winger, Jimi Jamison (Baywatch) and Giant, among others. More recently, John has been touring the U.S. and Canada with STARSHIP (featuring Mickey Thomas) and Winger, and continues to write and record with various artists.

John has recorded and/or performed onstage with:

Among others...

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